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Our Garage Organizers Will Whip Your Garage Into Shape

How do you feel when you walk into your garage? If you are struggling with keeping everything in your garage in neat and tidy condition, then a garage organization system from My Custom Garages is just what you need. From ceiling to floor, we have the products you need to get -- and keep -- your garage under control.

A Variety of Garage Organization Products and Systems

The average garage offers approximately 400 square feet of floor space. This might not sound like a lot, when you consider that you have to store a vehicle or two, along with most of your storage items, in this area, but you also have ceiling and wall space available. Our garage organizers help you optimize every inch of that space. We do this with a variety of systems, including:

  • Garage Shelving  We offer thick, sturdy shelves that will keep your belongs safely stored up off of the floor.

  • Garage Cabinets Keep your items free from insects, moisture and dust by storing them in one of our high-quality garage cabinets.

  • Workbenches  Do you need a place to work on projects? A garage workbench is the answer you have been looking for.

  • Overhead Storage  Why waste the space in the ceiling? We offer a variety of racks and overhead shelves to allow you to stow your stuff.

  • Wall Storage  With a nice selection of wall racks that attach to gridwall or slatwall, you are sure to find a space for everything you need to store.

Get Started Your Organized Garage Now

If all you see in your garage is chaos and confusion, we are ready to help. Give us a call for a free consultation. During this appointment, we will take a look at what you have to store and come up with solutions that will allow you to enjoy a clutter- and mess-free custom garage.

From overhead storage to glossy epoxy garage flooring, we want you to love every inch of your new garage. Contact us today to get the process started.