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Over Head Storage RacksGarage Overhead Storage Racks

Overhead Garage Storage: Make the Most of Your Ceiling Space

Chances are great that your garage has nice, high ceilings. Why waste that space? You have belongings that you don’t need to access every day, and our overhead storage systems make garage organization a breeze.

In the front half of your garage, the garage door needs to be able to nestle close to the ceiling. In the back half, however, you have plenty of room for overhead storage racks. At My Custom Garages, we offer a variety of storage racks for your ceiling, making it simple to store things like seasonal decorations, sports equipment that needs to be stowed until spring (or winter!), and all of those storage bins you have filled to the brim and taking up residence on your garage floor.

Don’t Forget About Bike Storage in Your Garage!

If you and your family are avid bike riders, then you know all about the hazards of storing your two-wheelers in the garage. A topple could mean scratches and dings to not only the bike, but also your vehicle! Save yourself a new paint job on your car by storing your bikes on the ceiling. We’ll make it so they’re easy to pull down when you’re ready to go for a ride, but tucked out of the way when you’re done.

Don’t Neglect Your Ceiling When Building a Customized Garage

If you’re investing in a custom garage, you’ll want to use every bit of space that you can. When you call us for your free consultation, we’ll walk you through the options for customizing everything from your garage floors to your garage ceiling.

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