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Gridwall Gets Your Garage Organized!

With so much wall space in your garage, it’s a shame not to use it. At My Custom Garages, we offer a completely customizable gridwall storage system that will work with any garage.

Here’s how it works: We install 100% steel gridwall pieces in any configuration on your garage walls. They come with a variety of hooks and holders, allowing you to store anything from soup to nuts on your wall... literally!

Garage Organizers, Done Your Way

Our gridwall sections are 2’ by 2’, and they can go up individually or in groups. Whether you need a small hanging area for hand tools, a larger one for hanging baskets of cleaning supplies, or an entire wall done in gridwall and garage shelves, we can make it happen.

At My Custom Garages, we understand that every homeowner and family has a different set of priorities when it comes to garage storage and organization. We use a variety of garage organizers, including gridwall and other wall-based options, to optimize the usage of your space.

Learn More About Garage Gridwall Organizers

We will show you pictures of what we’ve done and will even design a custom garage with our unique 3D software system, so you can see what a difference garage organizers will make in your storage space. Contact us now to get the process started!

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